Hands-free driving is about to have a new meaning!

Hands-free driving is about to have a new meaning!

Hands free driving is about to get a new meaning. One of the first self-driving cars will debut in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania next week. And the company debuting this vehicle is Uber. This past February, the ride-sharing company announced that they would be partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to open its Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh. It is preparing to launch autonomous vehicles in to its fleet by 2020.

“Self-driving cars have the potential to save millions of lives and improve quality of life for people around the world,” Uber said in a blog post on its site, citing a statistic that 94% of car accidents that result in the loss of live involve human error.

Uber`s rival Lyft, is also trying to get in on all of this action. Lyft has released a statement this month that they are currently in the same process. “Executives at Lyft and Uber have said one of the top hurdles to their success is navigating a patchwork of regulations that govern the use and liabilities of autonomous vehicles. Federal regulators are working to help companies figure out how to meet safety standards when designing cars.” This project is still in the early stages for both Lyft and Uber. With all the pros and cons to this, it’s interesting to see what will happen.

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