Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks Seasonal Treats

Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks Seasonal Treats

Fall is here and the weather is getting chilly.

Along with sweatshirts, falling leaves, and haunted houses, comes Dunkin Donuts’ release of their seasonal Pumpkin flavored coffees and bakery items! There is nothing better than waking up on a crisp fall morning and heading to Dunkin for breakfast before work.

My go to breakfast at Dunkin is always a medium pumpkin iced coffee with extra pumpkin and half & half, paired with a warmed pumpkin muffin or donut. For an afternoon “pick me up”, an iced pumpkin latte or macchiato hits the spot and keeps me running!

As the fall days get colder, Dunkin’s hot pumpkin coffees and lattes made with steamed cream help warm and comfort you. Along with their enticing pumpkin flavors, you can look forward to their hot and iced apple cider in late September. Pair a cup of their apple cider with an apple cinnamon donut and you have the perfect afternoon treat!

For all the Starbucks lovers out there, try one of Starbuck’s new delightfully balanced Salted Caramel Mocha, or their delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte. Each can be served hot, iced or blended to suit whatever type of autumn day you’re having.

I enjoy the rich aroma and smooth taste Starbucks hot drinks offer.

Pair your favorite beverage with some new pastries such as the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin, the glazed Pumpkin Scone, or the juicy bite of Washington Apple Pound Cake. One thing I have always loved about Starbucks pastries and café items is that they are always soft and fresh!

So get in your car and head to Dunkin or Starbucks now before the fall season runs out! With a wide variety of drinks and pastries, pumpkin and non-pumpkin lovers are sure to find something they love!

Written by: Amanda Haase