Who says Fathers Day can’t be about Mom’s too?

Who says Fathers Day can’t be about Mom’s too?

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Fathers Day is a time to honor the men in our life who have watched over, taken care of, and have made us who we are today. The bond between a child and father is priceless. This Fathers Day lets honor the men who have been by our side as we have grown. No matter if it is your father, grandfather, uncle, or brother, make sure your appreciation is known and show them how much they matter to you.

Fathers Day is not only a time to recognize the men in our life, but to recognize the mothers who have also had to take on the role as a father figure for their children. In the United States, 80.6% of single parents are mothers. Mothers must provide the emotional support and nurturing of both the mother and father in the household.

27% of single mothers live below the poverty line and lack the financial resources to support their children, as compared to having a male figure present.

Make sure that this Fathers Day you consider and thank all the men or women in your life that have helped you down the road while insuring a stable bond. Having this bond has been essential to your mental and human growth as an individual.

This Sunday, June 15th show you care and wish your loved ones a Happy Father Day!